“Review: KSO’s ‘Red, Hot, & Bolero’ – A Feast for the Eyes and Ears” by Alan Sherrod

Bolero review image.jpg

Our presence leafletting and greeting audiences was also not lost on concert reviewer, Alan Sherrod. A long-time symphony goer and critic who has reviews some of the top orchestras in the world, Alan writes:

As it turned out, Maestro Aram Demirjian could not have picked a better program to showcase the orchestra’s individual players, just at a time when the KSO musicians are seeking a well-deserved visibility—and making their case in contract negotiations with their management.

We have indeed spent many months in contract negotiations making our case with KSO management. We are still quite hopeful it will be resolved soon and favorably for both sides.

Read the full review here:


See us greeting and leafletting the audience in this post.

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