Why Support the Symphony?

KSO Masterworks Mason Bates

Why should you support the symphony?

Why should you even come HEAR the symphony?

Hearing some of the greatest music ever created is a fantastic reason. Hearing something new to spark your imagination, inspire your creativity, give your mind a rest from projects and stresses… those are all great reason.

But what does a symphony orchestra symbolize? In a time of great divisions within segments of our population, a symphony orchestra can be a mascot for unity. Music has always brought people together, but a symphony orchestra is special. Where else do you find dozens and dozens of highly trained musicians, with decades of training and experience coming together to create one fleeting moment of live music?

Each player is an athlete that maintains a rigorous practice regiment to be able to perform their instruments at the highest level. If you haven’t considered the athletic nature of playing an instrument, spend 30+ minutes holding your right arm in the air, moving it side-to-side without rest or pressing cold lifeless metal against your lips for a couple hours. Each musician then prepares weeks or even months for any given performance, learns the idiosycracies of their individual role in the composition, steeps themselves in the traditions and expectations of the composer, and awaits the direction and guidance from the podium on exactly how the piece is to be performed.

When it comes to rehearsals, players have to be highly prepared at the first rehearsal in order to then fit themselves seamlessly into the larger machine that is the symphony orchestra. Players exchange ideas, both verbally and musically. Throughout the process, the compositions are delicately flavored by the conductor, like a master chef preparing a three-course meal.

And all of this is done for the audience, to create a magical and ephemeral moment of communion.  Lifetimes of dedication and countless hours of preparation come together to create the music that drifts off the stage to your ears. Musicians from all over the world come together to create the sounds that ring in your ears and excite you.  Hundreds of years of tradition meet living, breathing composers to create an experience you can have nowhere else.

A symphony orchestra IS a mascot for unity.  We hope you will unite with us at a concert soon!