2017-2018 Season Has Begun!


Sarah Edwards concert post

As Sarah Edwards wrote about our opening masterworks performance:

Tonight, Aram Demirjian challenged everyone in the audience to share what they loved about the concert. The KSO’s season opener was a beautiful reminder of something that I forget too often–how amazingly lucky I am.

To me, Knoxville doesn’t seem like it’s that far from how James Agee experienced it in 1915. Knoxville, in the very best sense, is frozen in time. It’s a place where people from all walks of life can spend the evening listening to classical music and then walk down the street to the old-fashioned soda fountain to enjoy an ice cream float. It’s charming and nostalgic, and it’s the most at-home I’ve ever felt.

The programming tonight was a musical love letter to Knoxville. I’ve loved classical music my whole life, but this experience felt uniquely personal. Pictured below are six A Cappella choir alumni (among many others) who came out for the concert. A Cappella was one of the best parts of my life, not just because of the music, but because of the family I found within it.

So what did I love about the concert this evening? I love that I work for and support an organization that promotes creative and smart programming that is keeping classical music relevant. I love that it featured local artists, I loved that it featured my alma mater, and I love that it was an outstanding tribute to the greatest city in the world. More than anything, I loved that this concert brought together so many of the people that I love. To quote Mr. Barber’s work, “May God bless my people.”

Not featured: Michael and Claire who are wonderful human beings that appreciate good music.

It was a fantastic week of music making… we are glad to be back on the stage after the summer hiatus.  Thank you Sarah for your beautiful words and for sharing the evening with us!