Welcome to the 2019-2020 Season!

This week marked the opening of our 2019-2020 Moxley-Carmichael Masterworks Season, and what a memorable start it was!

Maestro Demirjian Said it best: ”

Now THIS is what I want ALL classical music concerts to feel like! Here’s what a sold out Knoxville Symphony Orchestra season opener looks (and sounds) like — the energy and cheering never abated for the whole evening — what a great audience! And this orchestra…they played with such power and cohesiveness. A really special night.

(And if you couldn’t be there to experience it, then make sure you help us build to a sellout NEXT month!)”


https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Faram.demirjian.77%2Fvideos%2F10109350001259321%2F&show_text=0&width=560” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Check out the video here!

Win 2 tickets to 12/15 7:30 Holiday Concert

Would you like a chance to win two free tickets to see the KSO at 7:30PM Saturday Dec 15th in their 32nd Annual Clayton Holiday Concert?  It’s easy to win… simply help us spread the word about the important work the Musicians of the Knoxville Symphony are doing by:

  1. “Like” @KSOMusicians on Facebook and/or Twitter (you can double your chances by doing both!)
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A winner will be chosen at random by 2PM on Saturday.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Musicians of the Knoxville Symphony!

Event Details: https://www.knoxvillesymphony.com/event/372/32nd-annual-clayton-holiday-concert/


Memory: Musicians and Audience Team Up to Help Wildfire Victims


It was a year ago today that the Gatlinburg community was reeling from the wildfire devastation. The Musicians of the KSO did their small part to aid in the disaster relief by donating a tremendous performance to raise money for the victims. Thanks to the generosity of our audience, we were able to raise over $2500 for the Dollywood Foundation to disperse to the victims of the wildfire. Yet another testament to the work the musicians do in the community, and the generosity and support of our wonderful audiences.

Read Harold Duckett’s article on www.knoxnews.com here

Concert Review: “Poetry, death and beauty at KSO concert” By Harold Duckett

Here’s another review of our recent performances featuring Paul Huang playing Beethoven’s Violin Concerto and Guest Conductor Joshua Gersen.

Harold writes of Huang’s playing:

His playing is elegant. Each note is played with such clarity the music sounds as though it is being played slowly to get every nuance just right. Even his trills have a sense of atomic precision. The high notes are so brilliant there is a tendency to think they are played slightly sharp, a trick often used by violin and, especially, trumpet players to give their notes an added quality of brightness.

He also goes on to write:

Adjusting to a new conductor is something with which the musicians of the KSO have had recent experience, with the arrival of new KSO music director and conductor Aram Demirjian.

From the leaflets again passed out by the musicians before last night’s concert, it seems that the KSO organization and the musicians’ union continue to have more adjusting to do on another front.

There is still some distance between KSO Management and the musicians that performs these concerts, and we are working very hard to identify and build bridges to cross that distance. Read more about the newest leaflet here.


The fabulous violinist Paul Huang was our guest soloist for Beethoven’s Violin Concerto!

Read the Full Review Here: https://www.knoxtntoday.com/poetry-death-beauty-kso-concert/